Poetry, beauty, romance, love

Poetry, beauty, romance, love – these are what we stay alive for… Robin Williams

I’ve always been ashamed of my attempt to write poetry. I feel a little more alive now. I can’t imagine if you couple Robin Williams comedic genius with his poetry, how amazing his poetry would be.

We need to advance medicine to cure depression and other nervous system related diseases to preserve the genius Robin Williams espoused.

Along that vein, there was a movie in 2016 called Collateral Beauty with Will Smith, that will pull on all of your heart strings. Excellent!

robin williams poetry

Let’s Dance the Tide Away!

Beach Cate sailboatsPast my time.
Past my prime!
To live another day.
To hold your hand,
In mine.
A tiny gesture,
By any measure.
A titan and a mouse.
A castle from a grain of sand.
The sea under your feet,
Washes away yesterdays.
Leaving footprints that dance,
And disappear,
In your wake.
You’ll be forever tomorrow.
I’ll be forever yesterday.
To live another day.
For now, let’s dance,
The tide away.


I have to breathe.
That’s on me.
My back’s against the wall.
I’ll take the fall,
For leaving you,
All alone.
I can leave.
My reprieve.
That last pour,
And out the door.
That last kiss,
That I’ll miss.
That last glance,
Left to chance.
Step into the rain.
Walk out on the pain.
For loving you,
On my own,
All alone.
I can’t replace,
What love can’t embrace,
A journey still undone.
I can lift you up,
Or I can run,
Leave love undone.
I have to breathe.
That’s on me.
My back’s against the wall.
I’ll take the fall.
For leaving you,
All alone.

Unspoken Words. “Sometimes I forget that people can see me walk away mid-conversation.”

The email that you want back…bad!

“Sometimes I forget that people can see me walk away mid-conversation.” Yes, that happens. I’m not proud of it, but I just ordered the t-shirt. Consider it a warning.

Have you been rendered deaf and dumb by the unspoken word? Do you struggle with the spoken word?  Is anyone really listening? Unspoken words have become all consuming.  Just ask Alexa.

It obviously started with the word-processors and PCs. E-mails have dominated as the most effective form of communication for years.  Then there are the email you wish you had back!  E-mails are now often ignored, as are voice and voice mail. Now text messages illicit a response, when a phone call will not.

Are you tired of “friending” folks you may have shared a past, without a future? Have you acquired reciprocal friends? Friends who aren’t really friends, but are looking to up their score? Are you tired of posting and checking Facebook and trading likes. Do you actually become angry, depressed and lose sleep, if your posts go unnoticed, or if someone’s emoji solicits the wrong response. Guilty on all counts!

Then there’s Twitter, tweets and retweets, too. Occasionally you can get someone famous to follow you, heart or retweet you if you suck up to them. It can be infectious. Eventually you grow tired of chasing nameless followers and responding in kind and they all share your views? I actually miss the followers who you can disagree with, then they block you! Not really.

Every social media site, online news, on every  device, all forms of social media, especially if you are are promoting your business, can be obviously compelling. Think. How many social media gurus are out there peddling their “schtick”?

I started a Facebook account to promote MS awareness and to raise funds for MS. Not one Facebook friend donated solely because of Facebook. They donated because they were “real” friends and responded to my emails. Twitter too, has been ineffectual. LinkedIn is the one social media platform I find effective to garner information, stay in touch with colleagues, who I consider friends, learn from them and each other.

The problem still remains. We live in a world where the spoken word matters less. I challenge you. When was the last time you told a good joke, face to face and enjoyed a real laugh from real people?

I just asked Alexa to tell me a joke. Alexa responded, “What did the golfer call his girlfriend? Alexa, “The Sweet T.”  So how did Alexa know I call my wife, “Sweet T”?

Just Imagine Who We Could Be

Just Imagine Who We Could Be

Imagine if you could truly love me.

Look into my eyes, not away.

Imagine the love there could be.

If we were in step, not a step away.

If words didn’t matter.

Not hurled in pain.

Not spattered.

In vain.

If I could close my eyes.

Bring back yesterday.

I would,

If I could.

Yesterday I could breath.

Today pressed lips,

Suffocate my soul.

Frequent sips,

From my glass of despair.

Pour the sadness,

Repeat the madness.

Just imagine.

If you could look at me.

The love there could be.

Imagine who we could be.

When You Can’t Love Enough

Embrace the emptiness.

It’s all around you.

It fills the room.

And leaves you foolish,

And afraid.

Uncertain for the first time,

Not the last.

Sadness all of a sudden,

Surrounds you,

All around you.

You can’t love enough!

You can’t embrace,

What’s already broken.

Pick up the pieces,

Already there.

Words unspoken,

We still share.







When love’s not enough,

I’m still here.

I’ll be there.

Find your way back,

Back to me.

All You Had To Do

Quiet smile stuttered,

Words worn thin.

Spinning me out of control.

Away from you.

Wearing away my soul.

Quiet ears shuttered,

The storm came in.

Wave upon wave,

You’re so right, you’re wrong.

Smiling on my rain.

Quiet eyes fluttered.

Shadows can’t hide sin.

Closing in on me,

Can’t you see?

Blind to my pain.

Hear the ripple in the room.

That is you stirring me.

Spinning me out of control.

Wearing away my soul.

When all you had to do,

Was love me.

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