Employee Benefits Statement

Benefits Statement

Employee Benefits StatementWe leave statutory benefits out of the equation, so as not to over inflate the benefits, but feel free to add them or change the spreadsheet in any fashion you wish. In our business, which is software development and technology we compete in a hi-tech salary + benefits world.  We have a profit sharing plan.

We also have a Work From Home Wednesdays program for employees who commute over 30 minutes from home (We dictate only Wednesday’s so they don’t try to make a long weekend out of it).

We even have a company gym in our Admin Building and Meeting Center.800 gym

If you would like a copy, subscribe and leave me a comment below and I will send you a sample Excel spreadsheet.

You’re fired!

Donald Trump may have fired and missed on Obama’s birth certificate but he’s dead on when it comes to the billions of taxpayer dollars filling the coffers of our enemies.

US taxpayers have little or no control over the decisions made by our government to spend billions to placate foreign governments with little or no accountability.

It’s time to pull the plug on US taxpayer money to the tune of 3 billion a year going to the Pakistanis.  At the very least its time to hold them
accountable.  Pay for play.  Is that so unreasonable?

Who knows whether the money is going to military operations to defeat Al Qaeda or the Taliban or for personal enrichment, in particular government or military officials responsible for hiding bin Laden.

Shaun Gregory, director of the Pakistan Security Research Unit at Britain’s University of Bradford, says it is inconceivable that Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence directorate, the ISI, did not know bin Laden was there. “Is it really believable that this famous guy, [nearly 2 meters tall], moves around and manages to evade the United States for 10 years and the ISI, if we’re to believe that they’re hunting him? I think the answer to that is no,” he said.

Then there’s the question of double-dipping.  Powerful and influential Pakistanis not only control the purse strings, they have figured out how to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

But even if the ISI was aiding certain groups, it was widely assumed it would not protect the world’s most wanted man. However, Shaun Gregory says Osama bin Laden, a Saudi by birth, had powerful backers in his ancestral homeland. “You mustn’t lose sight of the relationship between rich and powerful Saudis and rich and powerful people in Pakistan, including in the military. There’s a whole sort of clandestine network here and relationship here that we simply don’t see in the Western media, that the Saudis give vast amounts of money to Pakistanis for certain things. My understanding is that Raymond Davis, for example, the blood money that was paid for him was paid by the Saudis. I think there’s some very powerful interests in Saudi that wanted to keep bin Laden safe,” he said.

In the case of the Pakistanis a refund of great magnitude is due.  Let’s not pussy foot around,  If Pakistan won’t play our game, there’s always India.  India may be stealing our jobs but they’re not taking American lives!

Let’s just do what’s right.  Go with your gut.  Sometimes it’s just that simple.  No more aid and comfort to the enemy.  Time to reinvest in America!

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