All Obama Can Do Is Ask Us to Look in the Rear View Mirror

Cadillac One -We Can’t Afford! to Go Forward!

Obama has been in the driver seat for four years with a majority in Congress for two years prior to his election and two years after his election, four more years than many presidents and the Democrats held the majority in the Senate for six years.  And yet his campaign is all about telling us to look in the rear view mirror, a.k.a. “it’s Bush’s fault.”  Since January 2007 and for four years, the Democrats were driving the bus.  We get Obamacare and 6 trillion in debt.

If you like this president and you believe in this president, just read Chapter Five of the book, Throw Them All Out.  If you still vote for this president, that’s on you.

Obama’s campaign slogan is “Forward.”  Frankly we can’t “afford to go forward, four more years with this president.  Obamacare alone will sink many small businesses and put us deeper and deeper into debt.  We have already spent more resources, more time, more energy, millions upon millions of dollars in personnel, administration and legal fees to shape this law.  If Sarah Palin had one amazing quality it was to tell it like it is, and Obamacare as it pertains to a solution to our healthcare’s rising costs, is like “putting lipstick on a pig.”

Highly regulated, healthcare is not free market capitalism and competition has been stifled.  Big insurance companies thrive on a highly regulated government subsidized system.  They want it.  They own the politicians.  The lawyers on both sides can pretend to fight for their constituent’s, then club it after work.

Obamacare is a politicians dream and a lawyer’s wet dream.

Now Obama’s campaign is about raising taxes on the high income earners.  That’s all well and good.  What he doesn’t understand is small business owners pay their taxes as ordinary income.  This is a legal structure setup to help small businesses to compete with large corporations.  Small businesses don’t need to pay more taxes.  The higher our personal tax rate becomes, the less we can invest in our small business. Raising taxes on ordinary income is raising taxes on small businesses. Lower the corporate tax rates for all businesses and more small businesses will follow.

High income earners are willing to pay more if big government spends less.  If big government didn’t pick favorites and simply lowered taxes on all businesses, we would have a chance to prosper.  Reign in regulation, stop subsidizing green energy companies and stop playing to the unions, a.k.a. Government Motors (GM), GE and Chrysler.  Stop subsidizing the oil business, but to be fair, stop subsidizing all big businesses.  Leave it to the states, counties and local governments to compete for and attract business.  Businesses will do better to choose a location and flourish where it is best for them, their employees and the community.

Bottom line, less big government, to the tune of $16 trillion in less than four years, less big union, like the takeover of GM, less big business influence, like the stimulus dollars paid to failed green energy companies, including Ted Turner and GE and less unemployment and welfare to us, as individuals, will follow.

Like Alan Kay says. “The best way to predict the future, is to invent it.”  Big government, get out of the way, let us reinvent ourselves.  We have the uncanny ability to prosper through free market competition.  That’s what’s best for our future.

Footnote:  Many conservatives may wonder why Governor Christie is pandering for Obama five days from the election.  Many say it is because he wants what’s best for the State of New Jersey.  I cry “Bullshit!” Obama came out and said he was going to do what’s best for all victims of this hurricane and I believe him, not because he cares, but for political expediency and his failed policies that left 4 American’s dead in Benghazi.  Christie is embracing Obama after this storm because he knows the door is wide open for him as the presidential candidate in 2016, if Romney is defeated and Obama is re-elected for another term.  Christie better hope the door is wide open, because what he had better understand. That at 69 years old, Romney will still be in better shape than Christie to win the next election.


The disastrous results to the economy, lost  jobs and the $16 Billion deficit as we near the end of the Obama Administration’s first term are the fault of the Democrats takeover of both Houses of Congress in 2007 and President Obama, NOT President George W. Bush!

What follows is a compilation of “talking points” from various sources cited below.  Republicans need to fight back against Obama’s lame excuse, “It’s Bush’s fault.”

The Democrats took the majority in both the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate at the very beginning of Bush’s second term, January 3rd 2007, 2 years before Obama took office.

The Democrats controlled the budget process for 2008 & 2009, as well as 2010 & 2011.

There’s a great article from the American Thinker called “It’s Not Bush’s Fault” by Ben Voth.  I have paraphrased a bit but these points were pulled from this lengthy article almost verbatim.

A couple of the talking points are from other sources, including from the book, Throw Them All Out by Peter Schweizer.  If you just read Chapter 5 of Schweizer’s book and it will turn your stomach.   You will “throw them all out” including our illustrious president.

liberals take over the house

Talking points…

In the fall of 2006, the media and associated public culture celebrated the landslide win of Democrats in congressional elections that brought strong majorities in both the House and the Senate.

The U.S. Congress holds the exclusive constitutional power over spending.

Congress is charged with oversight roles regarding government economic activities such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Barney Frank took over the House Financial Services Committee and Chris Dodd took over the Senate Banking Committee.

As key leaders Chris Dodd in the Senate and Barney Frank in the House received huge campaign support from these GSEs that held the majority of American mortgage finances.

Senator Obama was himself a tremendous recipient of campaign funding from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that controlled trillions of dollars in American mortgage equity. The government was not supervising its own interference in the free market.

The housing market in the U.S. devolved into a dangerous leveraged global gambling operation that financed a vulnerable house of cards over European banks.

The leadership of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac knew that the election of Democrats in the House and Senate would prevent any further calls by the Bush administration to tighten the regulations on these dangerous GSEs.

Just five years ago, here is a snapshot of the American economic scene when Democrats took control in January of 2007:

U.S. 2007 unemployment rate: 4.7 percent

U.S. 2007 deficit: 160 billion dollars

The unemployment rate was half the over ten-percent levels it would rise to under President Obama.

The long spell of high unemployment under President Obama and the slight fall in unemployment under President Obama is attributable to individuals giving up on seeking employment.

The tax cuts of the Bush administration had in fact produced record tax revenues — more than $2.5 trillion annually. Today, the government barely takes in $2 trillion.

The 160-billion-dollar deficit for 2007 was part of a larger downward trend from the past two years.

In 2009, while Barack Obama was a U.S, Senator, Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid passed continuing resolutions to keep government running until Barack Obama took office.  At that time, they passed a massive omnibus spending bill to complete the 2009 budgets. Barack Obama later signed the omnibus bill as President.

Today, annual deficits are ten times larger — surpassing the one-trillion-dollar mark with regularity.

Five years ago, the U.S. annual deficit was 90% lower than it is today.

The markets did not express a sense of relief upon the election of President Obama in early November 2008. What ensued was an economic panic.

Business leaders feared the coming onslaught of regulatory and redistributive fervor of President-Elect Obama and his supporters.

President Obama did not enact the bailout of GM and Chrysler. President Bush did. , As reported by Forbes, GM said this below about the bailout from President Bush in December of 2008:

GM Statement On U.S. Auto Industry ‘Bridge Loan

“We appreciate the President extending a financial bridge at this most critical time for the U.S. auto industry and our nation’s economy. This action helps to preserve many jobs, and supports the continued operation of GM and the many suppliers, dealers and small businesses across the country that depend on us…We know we have much work in front of us to accomplish our plan. It is our intention to continue to be transparent as we execute our plan, and we will provide regular updates on our progress.”

The Bush bailouts for both the financial industry and the auto industry required the funds to be paid back. In fact, in both bailouts, these funds have been paid back to the Treasury.

The success of bailouts — both for the recipients and more importantly for taxpayers reflects the fiscal conservatism and successes of the Bush administration. These were temporary emergency funding actions that were paid back by the recipients with interest.

The Obama budget office has switched the payback funds into general operating expenses of the nation that support his general revisions to stimulus that do not require recipients to repay — such as the funds for Solyndra.

As Ben Voth said in his article, It’s Not Bush’s Fault, “This is like a college student receiving an emergency bailout from parents after he wrecks his car and then insisting that a permanent increase in a weekly allowance now includes provision for a new wreck every week!”

Speaking of Solyndra, as part of the $700 Billion Stimulus, consider the Department of Energy (DOE) awarded over $16.4 Billion in loan guarantees to friends of, a.k.a., donors for Obama.

Solyndra will be considered chump change considering the likely demise of First Solar backed by $4.7 billion in DOE loan guarantees, as best described in The First Solar Swindle.  Scroll half way down the article to read “Favoritism” and beyond to recognize why the Stimulus was doomed for failure.

It’s as Peter Schweizer said in his book, Throw Them All Out, Obama is all about “friends giving friends billions of our taxpayer money.”

“If you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.” Friedrich Nietzsche

I made a point to take my two young daughters to NYC shortly after 9-11 even though they missed the ascent to the top of the Statue of Liberty for security reasons, they were able to ascend to the top of the Empire State Building. 

“Today the World Trade Center is again the tallest building in New York one year after the killing of Osama bin Laden and more than 10 years after the attacks that brought them down.  It is still a work in progress: The hulking steel structure known as the Freedom Tower is still 500 feet shorter than it will be when complete.  But it is already a tribute to American resilience, a reminder that whatever devastation we face, we can still come back bigger and better than before.”  Aaron Vaughan

Tallahassee Fire Dept Extrication Team. Liberty Street across from Ground Zero

I can understand where the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) is coming from.  I was young once upon a time.  I took sociology in college and a course called American Ghetto Environment, if you can imagine how “not PC” that course name would be today.  I wanted to help people who had a hard time helping themselves.  A Nelson DeMille character in the General’s Daughter reflected, while “Life’s Grown Soft, I’ve Grown Hard,” reflecting on growing up in a post WWII era.  Life was hard.  Today life is soft by comparison.  There are plenty of folks out there that deserve help.  I say “help” because I detest the word “entitled.”  To me the word entitlement defines a benefit given someone in need, not in want.  Our so called entitlement programs, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, other mandatory spending programs were programs designed for hard working people who need and whenever possible contributed to their own welfare. 

A lifetime of work experience allows me to say there are people who believe everyone regardless of work ethic and moral fiber are entitled to the American Dream and those who believe the American Dream is earned through a good work ethic and morals.  I am from a middle class family.  I was the second child of six.  I was always wanting but never needing.  If I wanted something I would find a way to get it.  Ok, I could pout with the best of ‘em for a nickel package of bubble gum and baseball cards.  Mostly I learned to earn what I wanted.  Since the age of 11-12, I always had an after school job, be it paper route, bagger or stock boy at a local grocer.  In high school I washed pots and pans in the cafeteria on my lunch hour.  Later, I was promoted to making and serving milk shakes and sandwiches to my fellow students.   If you have ever worked in a school cafeteria at age 16, worn a hair net, while serving sandwiches to your fellow students, in particular, the girl you had a huge crush on, you would understand the price you pay to earn a few extra dollars.

During college, I worked for a janitorial service from 4 – 7 AM daily at a local hotel to help supplement my $15 per week expense allowance.  Summers I worked on a crew with 3 occupational day laborers, landscaping and mowing lawns.  My boss was a machine operator and had a landscaping business on the side. 

He made me, the 18 year old college kid the crew chief.   I made less than my crew, but I wanted a job.  My crew was ages 18, 30-something and 40-something.  18 had a wife and a new baby.  He showed up for work every day.  If he didn’t want to work, he’d sit in the shade and smoke.  He outweighed me times-two and that was just his arms.  If I pressed him to pick up his shovel, he wanted to arm wrestle or place a lit cigarette between our forceps to see who would pull away first.

30 and 40-something worked 4 days a week.  My boss paid them on Friday.  They got drunk on weekends, nursed a hangover on Monday’s,  then dragged their sorry asses back to work on Tuesday. 

The summer break next year, I went to work for the local school district doing the same thing.  At the school district, I worked with 3  guys also.  One was a friend and fellow college student.  We worked our butts off.  The other two guys complained and cajoled us to slow down and slack off.  The experience wasn’t much different than the summer before.   To me acting busy was harder than being busy, but in the end there are no great gigs in the lawn care and landscaping business.  Did I mention the mosquitos were nasty?

Life is so much softer now, but we all have a responsibility to pull our own weight.  We have a/c, cell phones, flat screen TVs and cold beer on every street corner.  So what’s the big deal?  Go to work.  Get a job.  If you can’t get the job of your dreams you can still go out and earn a living.  If you want something more, go out and earn it.  I know some retired guys who worked hard all their lives.  Now that they are no longer working, they are willing to live (want) with less.  It’s habit forming, but we can’t all be retired.  So if you need something, go to work.  Work can be habit forming, too.  My experience wearing a hairnet left me wanting more. 

Coming into this election, there’s an underlying current of ill will.  Call it hate, dividing Americans. I have never before experienced such divisiveness before between conservatives and liberals, in my youthful 60 years of age.

Friedrich Nietzsche’s famous quote, “Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.”  

This quote should serve as a warning to all of us, especially this President, Congress and influential leaders.  We are at risk of a great divorce, with all the ingredients including hate, resentment and financial ruin.  Worst is how it will affect the children, many who call themselves Occupy Wall Street (OWS) the citizens of this great nation.  It’s always the children who get hurt the most.

Note from author on 11-27-2012:  Now that the election is over I feel more strongly than ever this message should resonate with anyone who is concerned about the future of this country.

Marco Rubio for President – Just Sayin’

Marco Rubio for President!  What’s not to like?  A guy who comes from a working class family.  He knows the meaning of “have not” and earning everything he has achieved.  Marco Rubio is living the “American Dream” and need not apologize for it.

Several small business owners had the opportunity to meet Marco Rubio and we were not disappointed.  The National Federation Independent Business (NFIB) invited us to the Tampa Bay Brewing Company who hosted the announcement by NFIB Florida of their endorsement of Mr. Rubio for the US Senate.

Mr. Rubio spent several hours with a group of local Tampa Bay area small business owners and NFIB members.  Several small businesses were fortunate to spend time with him introducing their companies and the challenges they face in today’s economy.

Mr. Rubio also spent time in a sit down discussion with us where I was able to express my favorite political topic, a “payroll tax holiday.”

Marco Rubio has stayed on message throughout a bitterly contested 2010 race for the US Senate seat versus Charlie Crist (Independent) and Kendrick Meeks (Democrat).  The mud-slinging between candidates has been ad nauseam, but I have to say, for the most part, candidate Rubio has stayed above the fray.  He remains on message, which my interpretation is, “less government, repeal Obamacare, keep the Bush tax cuts, vote against Cap and Trade and freeze government spending.”

No doubt we are talking about the next US Senator to represent. Florida.  Now Mr. Rubio, how about that payroll tax holiday for small businesses and their employees?

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