Why Is the Cost of Healthcare a Republican Problem?

Healthcare costs in the USDemocrats say they are getting screwed by Republicans, and the Healthcare Industry.

We all have to bend over and cough, when it comes to healthcare costs, not just Democrats.

The Democrats passed the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

We have a Democratic majority in the Senate and a Democrat in the White House.

My company’s healthcare costs are going up 26% in 2013.  The problem is there is not enough competition. I can only shop 3-4 insurance companies in FL for healthcare for my employees.  The government discourages competition…

Medicaid requires the certificate of need be filed when opening a new facility.  The Certificate of Need (CON) process requires a new entrant to the market to establish that its services and capacity are “needed,” and gives existing hospitals a chance to argue why the entrant should be barred.

The CON program is supposed to limit over capacity and duplication of services.  Isn’t this ironic considering that ACA .for every American healthcare and one of the overriding concerns is lack of access to quality healthcare?  This program has been eliminated in 18 states, but remains law in the State of Florida.

too informed

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Another problem is we don’t ask what things cost or ask for discounts.  ACA a.k.a. Obamacare rules ineligible high deductible plans supplemented by health savings accounts. The health savings account portion will not be counted as part of the policy package, and it will be ruled as falling below the minimum standard policy that Obama Care requires.

I have an HSA.  I ask for discounts. It works.

And, as usual the Democrats, who won the last two elections to the White House and have held a majority in the Senate, blame everyone else, especially the Republicans.

Democrats don’t have any ideas, they just want the government to fix it.

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