The Tampa Bay Times “Scott Bashing” on the Wrong Track…

Governor Rick Scott

The Tampa Bay Times in the editorial section of the 04/10/2012 edition AGAIN trashes Governor Rick Scott on the issue of rail.  Today’s version is with regard to Scott’s decision to derail a bill to add a light rail project in Pinellas County.  This bill would be financed by taxpayers, increasing the sales tax in Pinellas from seven cents to eight cents on the dollar.

What they haven’t done a story on or mentioned is the Florida East Coast IndustriesAll Aboard Florida” project reported across the State by other news sources including The Daily and The Palm Beach Post which states “Florida’s taxpayers will have no ongoing construction or operating risks”  for the new system, which “will include business and coach class service with advance purchase reserved seating, gourmet meals, WiFi, and the ability to work productively throughout the entire trip,” according to the company.

Maybe the Tampa Bay Times should do a follow-up story on the High Speed Rail project?  How that’s going for the other states who were so eager to take advantage of the Federal boondoggle billions?  Reportedly the $4 billion in federal funds has been provided so far for the 500-mile project in the State of California. The current estimated cost of the project is reportedly $68 billion?   Also being reported, the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, a congressional committee, has begun a review of California’s high-speed rail project, including possible conflicts of interest and whether a large government commitment would pull federal tax dollars away from other transportation projects.  Who woulda thunk it!? 

Coming soon?  The Tampa Bay Times glowing editorial on High Speed Rail and  Governor Jerry Brown.  Yipeee!

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