Wrong Turn

20130816_184911Driving into the afternoon sun.
Blinded by the warmth of one.
Darkness opened my eyes.
There are boundless skies.
Beyond the clouds.
Caverns and shrouds.
Tastes to savor.
Souls to save,
Save my own.

Poetry, beauty, romance, love

“Poetry, beauty, romance, love – these are what we stay alive for…” Robin Williams

I can’t imagine if you couple Robin Williams comedic genius with his poetry, how amazing his poetry would be.

I’ve always been ashamed of my attempt to write poetry.  I actually feel a little more alive now because of the inspiring words of Robin Williams. The juxtaposition is sad.

We need to advance medicine to cure depression and other nervous system related diseases to preserve the genius Robin Williams espoused.

Along that vein, there was a movie in 2016 called Collateral Beauty with Will Smith, that will pull on all of your heart strings. Excellent!

robin williams poetry

When You Can’t Love Enough

Embrace the emptiness.
It’s all around you.
It fills the room.
And leaves you foolish,
And afraid.
Uncertain for the first time,
Not the last.
Sadness all of a sudden,
Surrounds you,
All around you.
You can’t love enough!

You can’t embrace,
What’s already broken.
Pick up the pieces,
Already there.
Words unspoken,
We still share.
When love’s not enough,

I’m still here.
I’ll be there.
Find your way back,
Back to me.

Life is the Noose


Tethered in time,
The curtains rise.
Your cast in a role.
A roll of the dice.
Bound by a lifeline,
Twists and turns.
Twisted in knots,
Life is the noose.
So many loves,
So many lives.
Love set me loose,
I’m begging you!
So many thrills.
So many spills.
Life is the noose.
So many tries,
So many fails.
Love set me loose,
I’m begging you!
Heart strings pulled.
Love hangs by a thread.
I can’t breathe.
Love can’t be dead.
Love set me free.
Life is a noose.
Love set me loose,
I’m begging you!
Go to black.
Curtain closes.


When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on. ~ Thomas Jefferson.

You Wake to Her Breathing

robin williams poetry

Dedicated to Robin Williams.

When reality escapes you,
Late at night,
And you don’t feel right.
You wake in the dark to her breathing.
To know she’ll never be leaving.
Someone’s there, someone who cares.
You can close your eyes,
And dream the dreams,
No one else can share.
Morning face in the mirror,
A familiar one.
Your hands on the razor,
There’s a job to be done.
You’re one in million,
But you’re not the only one.
‘Til she reaches for you,
And she touches you,
Upon the rising sun.
Point the car down the highway,
There’s work to be done.
You face each day,
The same old way.
Lift the phone off the receiver,
Makin’ someone a believer.
You sell your soul to be with her.
One more day, one more day!
And when your day is done,
Your pals are lookin’ for fun.
You steer your head clear,
Towards her waiting arms,
And the setting sun, the setting sun.
You know you’ll never be a genius,
But you’re sure,
Nothing will ever come between us,
Because she’s the only one,
The only one.


Two Faces

Two Faces.
One and the same,
One’s for fame.
One’s for shame.
One plays a part,
One pulls us apart.

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Your reflection tells it all.
The pain on your face,
Still leaves a trace.
One turns a blind eye,
One lives a lie.

Two faces,
One hides the strain.
One feels the pain.
One will let it ride,
One will run and hide,
From the fear within.
One will grin.

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Your reflection tells it all.
One draws me in,
One makes me sin.
One makes me shout.
One leaves me out.

Two faces
Words, one will fear.
Words, no one will hear.
One leaves me out in the rain.
One leaves me all your pain.
One life’s opens behind closed doors.
One can’t take life anymore!

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
I’m happy to take the fall.
Still here to pick-up the pieces.
Still here when love’s not easy.
Still here when life’s wiped your smile away.
Too late to love you any other way.

Shattered Glass

Pins and needles,
Are what you need.
Walking on the edge,
Stepping off the ledge.
Shattered glass,
Will only make you bleed.
Drugs are smiling,
When you should.
Pop those pills.
Swallow that pain.
Happiness kills.
What’s real remains.
The doctor going to make you,
Do what the doctor says,
The doctor’s going to take you,
Because of what you said.
Smile for the camera.
You’re going to make your bed.
Smile for the nurse.
Careful what you said.
The bad news,
The good news.
They can’t live,
If you’re dead.
Pins and needles,
Are what you need.
Walking on the edge,
Stepping off the ledge.
Shattered glass,
Will only make you bleed.

Me 09/14/2017

Rev. 10/08/2017

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