Just Imagine Who We Could Be

Just Imagine Who We Could Be

Imagine if you could truly love me.

Look into my eyes, not away.

Imagine the love there could be.

If we were in step, not a step away.

If words didn’t matter.

Not hurled in pain.

Not spattered.

In vain.

If I could close my eyes.

Bring back yesterday.

I would,

If I could.

Yesterday I could breath.

Today pressed lips,

Suffocate my soul.

Frequent sips,

From my glass of despair.

Pour the sadness,

Repeat the madness.

Just imagine.

If you could look at me.

The love there could be.

Imagine who we could be.

When You Can’t Love Enough

Embrace the emptiness.

It’s all around you.

It fills the room.

And leaves you foolish,

And afraid.

Uncertain for the first time,

Not the last.

Sadness all of a sudden,

Surrounds you,

All around you.

You can’t love enough!

You can’t embrace,

What’s already broken.

Pick up the pieces,

Already there.

Words unspoken,

We still share.







When love’s not enough,

I’m still here.

I’ll be there.

Find your way back,

Back to me.

All You Had To Do

Quiet smile stuttered,

Words worn thin.

Spinning me out of control.

Away from you.

Wearing away my soul.

Quiet ears shuttered,

The storm came in.

Wave upon wave,

You’re so right, you’re wrong.

Smiling on my rain.

Quiet eyes fluttered.

Shadows can’t hide sin.

Closing in on me,

Can’t you see?

Blind to my pain.

Hear the ripple in the room.

That is you stirring me.

Spinning me out of control.

Wearing away my soul.

When all you had to do,

Was love me.

There’s Always Somehow

Time for a chew toy

R.I.P. Cody Bear

It’s too often now,
Sleep won’t allow.
Living life,
Eyes wide open into the night.
And Cody’s forever stare.
Dawn brings to light.
The day in spite.
Sins forgiven.
Love lifts the soul,
The dice will roll.
And steals the past.
Each day maybe the last.
Let’s give a hug,
To those we love,
For each moment we share,
There’s always somehow.
There’s always Cody Bear.

Mouth Full of Soap

ivory_soap_barYou’re doin’ the dishes,
And followin’ Mom’s wishes.
Since you could step on a stool,
You know the golden rule.
You know Momma’s no fool.

Your washin’, she’s dryin’.
The kids in the kitchen
They haven’t stopped cryin’.
It’ no use in bitchin’.

If you wanted to eat,
And a place to sleep,
You better be sweet,
And learn how to sweep.

If you wanna play games,
And have some fun,
You have to wait,
Until the dishes are done.

Grab a mop, lend a hand,
There’s five more brats,
And there all the same brand.
If you look to the right,
And you look to the left,
Chances are there’s a siblin’ in sight.

She’s cookin’ in the kitchen.
She’s doing the wash.
She’s mendin’ your stichin’,
While she boilin’ the sauce.

She’s swathin’ a path,
While you’re takin’ a bath.
And she hasn’t stopped yet,
And you ain’t even wet.

When you go to school,
Lunch is in a bag, not cool.
Peanut butter and jelly,
Still fills your belly.

If you mutter a sound,
That isn’t profound,
Shutter to think,
Your head’s in the sink.

If she hasn’t heard,
It’s not a word,
It isn’t part of her lingo,.
Not even at Church bingo
You better run, you dope,
Or taste her favorite soap.


I Can’t See Your Eyes

You’re just a dream I had.
On an empty night.
Far from yesterday.
Far from the light.
Far from today.

I can’t see your eyes,
In mine.
I can’t taste your lips,
On mine.

I’m going to lose you.
Another chink in my armor.
Another day away from you.
My anchor.
One day closer,
To losing you.

I can’t see your eyes,
In mine.
I can’t taste your lips,
On mine.

You’re the ship that never sailed.
I’m  that sinking feeling, I’ve failed!
I’m drifting out to sea.
Your love’s slipping.
Slipping away from me.

I can’t see your eyes,
In mine.
I can’t taste your lips,
On mine.

You’re just a dream I had.
On an empty night.
Far from yesterday.
Far from the light.
Far from today.

I can’t wake to another day,
Without you.
I’m drifting away
No tomorrows.
Just a dream away.


Life is the Noose


Tethered in time,
The curtains rise.
Your cast in a role.
A roll of the dice.
Bound by a lifeline,
Twists and turns.
Twisted in knots,
Life is the noose.
So many loves,
So many lives.
Love set me loose,
I’m begging you!
So many thrills.
So many spills.
Life is the noose.
So many tries,
So many fails.
Love set me loose,
I’m begging you!
Heart strings pulled.
Love hangs by a thread.
I can’t breathe.
Love can’t be dead.
Love set me free.
Life is a noose.
Love set me loose,
I’m begging you!
Go to black.
Curtain closes.


When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on. ~ Thomas Jefferson.

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