Tears are Still Real

Drinkin’ cold coffee.

Seems I’m not alone.

Lookin’ down, my phone

Can’t find the time,

Cuz time’s already gone.

Can’t live with you.

Can’t live without you.

Say goodbye to the rent.

Nothing counts anymore,

For time well spent.

Livin’ in the moment,

Cuz there’s no going back.

Caught in the spin,

Not sure it’s a sin.

This 5G we’re living in.

You can’t mask,

The way you feel.

Eyes don’t lie

Zoomin’ can’t tell you,

How I really feel.

You’re not dying’ alone.

Zoom’s just a token,

For words unspoken.

We still feel,

Tears are still real.

Copyright ideacapitalist – 9/30/2020

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