Just Imagine Who We Could Be

Imagine if you could truly love me.
Look into my eyes, not away.
Imagine the love there could be.
If we were in step, not a step away.
If words didn’t matter.
Not hurled in the pain I’m in.
Not spattered.
In vain.
If I could close my eyes.
Bring back yesterday.
I would,
If I could.
Yesterday I could breath.
Today pressed lips,
Suffocate my soul.
Frequent sips,
From my glass of despair.
Pour the sadness,
Repeat the madness.
Just imagine.
If you could look at me.
The love there could be.
Imagine who we could be.

About Idea Capitalist
Family guy and entrepreneur. Small Business owner. NFIB Leadership Council member. Serial blogger.

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