Gay Rights, The Affordable Care Act and This Bald Eagle

11390065_1620299788225300_8909913669019005123_nThis latest meme (left) from Obama supporters is special… I say congrats to the classless Obama supporters.

Gay rights? It was happening state by state to its logical conclusion anyway. Meh… No need for the heavy hand of the SCOTUS. Personally. I’m going to miss the parades.

Those applauding our SCOTUS and the POTUS, obviously don’t run a small business or care about what’s really going down.

There are more families today in poverty than when Obama took office 7 years ago (5.5 Million more). This despite more jobs. Obviously more jobs means LOWER paying jobs.

The federal debt owed to the public has more than DOUBLED under Obama, rising by 103 percent. Nothing to gloat about.

You can high-five the employment numbers all you want, but the costs are high. I fear, for my children’s future, which is Greece. There are more people insured under Obamacare, but the cost is high. Most are subsidized or on Medicaid and the costs are unsustainable. Who gets hurt, small business and the middle class.

A case in point… we have 42 employees. We pay 100% of our employees health and dental benefits. Since the ACA was enacted, despite submitting to higher deductibles every year, our premiums have risen over 30%, 12 1/2 percent this year alone. Consider the competition is going from five major carriers to three, the future is not bright for small business healthcare cost. Just the facts.

I’d say this bald eagle is more a symbol of an endangered species, small business, rather than a symbol of America’s greatness. High fives all around to the Obama supporters!

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3 Responses to Gay Rights, The Affordable Care Act and This Bald Eagle

  1. tar714 says:

    Very well stated! Your description of the Bald Eagle now being an endangered species sadly describes the status of the symbol of our Republic. The current president has done a fantastic job in redefining America, demonizing business and success, while creating more of a dependency mentality in the United States. The “Affordable Care Act” is a great example of the expansion of government while placing a huge financial burden on taxpayers, the producers of this country.

    ObamadoesntCare Premium “Subsidies” are now known as “Financial Assistance”. The federal government determines your subsidy via your income, up to $525 per month. Under the old math $525 multiplied by 12 = $6,300 yr, multiply that by say1 million enrollees (don’t forget Mr. Obama stated 7 million enrolled in ObamadoesntCare so the 1 million is extremely conservative) – it only amounts to $6 Billion per year in taxpayer subsidies. That’s for just 1 million enrollees, which is well under the 15% of uninsured the “Affordable Heatlhcare Act” (government takeover) shoved down our throats for. In addition, this does not take into account the financial liability states are now going to bear with increased Medicaid enrollment. Medicaid are state “funded” programs, which ObamadoesntCare is mandating states expand their rolls. Thereby creating more of a financial burden upon the taxpayers of the individual states and creating budget issues with the respective State Assemblies/Legislatures throughout the nation and as we faced here in Florida..

    It is beyond me why no one seems to be concerned with fiscal responsibility? While it sounds compassionate and good for the federal government to provide health insurance for all Americans, the financial strains this is putting on our economic infrastructure is frightening. It’s like it doesn’t matter. Just increase subsidies, charge businesses higher taxes and mandate they pay more of the cost for this scheme, show no concern for the economic impact on businesses and we all live in bliss. Oh by the way, you businesses better start paying a “Living Wage” too. What the hell is a “Living Wage”? Is there a number that makes the left feel good? Oh yes, it’s now $15 per hour, that’s the new feel good hourly wage for a “Living Wage”.

    Not only are businesses now having to deal with penalties (sorry taxes) for ObamadoesntCare, not only are businesses like your own paying 100% of the employee health insurance, in 2016 you are going to be faced with a per employee surcharge, if the “Living Wage” ruse is implemented it could increase businesses wages by 87.5%. Businesses labor costs will increase by 87.5% to get to the $15 per hour living wage. Not too mention the tax implication FUTA, SUTA, Medicare, Work Comp to name a few costs to bear. What will businesses do? Unlike the Federal Government, businesses find ways to remain profitable. Cutting labor and finding ways to be more efficient with less, not to mention raising prices! SCOTUS this decision this past week is yet another blow to our Constitution and our Republic!


    • Social Security, in its present form, will run dry. Anyone that tells you otherwise is just plain lying. The projected deficit between what’s collected and what’s paid is $90 TRILLION dollars – compare that to our current federal deficit of $18 trillion! There will have to be large tax increases and significant benefit cuts for it to remain solvent. Politicians don’t want to make hard choices like this and the longer they wait, the worse the medicine will taste.


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