GOOD NEWS! Antarctic Sea Ice Hit 35-year Record High

tailpipeWe need to keep lowering CO2 emissions and increasing our efforts to green the planet practically, without big government destroying jobs and hurting people’s quality of life, not by the Obama administration’s EPA manufacturing ridiculously high energy prices.

Consider the source when you listen to MSM saying scientists report this and that and think about the motivation. If it is feel good, sensational, it’s news.

The important context here is “baffling scientists” these are the operative words…

According to WAPO Antarctic sea ice hit 35-year record high Saturday.  This is GOOD news!

EPA regulations will not allow new coal-fired plants to open without CCS which is cost-prohibitive.  Maybe the $500M in R&D will produce a more economical solution.  Then there’s the remote possibility common sense will prevail, although common sense doesn’t really play well in the corrupt climate in DC.

Lomborg is making sense and making some waves…  I have been doing a lot of reading on climate change, books on climate change from both sides of the aisle and I’m still not convinced  CO2 emissions are the cause of climate change.

From the former head of Greenpeace…

Certainly I’m not going to put my mouth around a tail pipe and breathe deeply, but I think we’ve come a long way to reduce pollution… so I don’t see the need for such draconian measures.  Obama spent a billion dollars bailing out the automakers with no provisions for clean air.  He’s destroying the coal industry who didn’t require a bailout.  Why do auto emissions get a free pass from this administration?




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