Does Anyone Really Want to Deny Anyone Else Healthcare?

20140701-235105-85865890.jpgThis whole mess called Obamacare could have been avoided if common sense prevailed. That said, common sense is in short supply in DC.  DC is full of corrupt politicians.

If the insurance companies were mandated to insure people with pre-existing conditions, people with insurance would pay more. How many people would object to it? Not me. How about you?

Unless,  of course, we  added some competition. If we could shop for insurance  anywhere and we were allowed to save the money we didn’t spend tax free (HSAs and FSAs) without putting ridiculously low limits on savings accounts.

If the government had developed their plan to insure the poor received adequate healthcare and left the private sector to their own devices, would that be untenable? It’s called Medicaid. Single payer, government run healthcare. Instead we have a poorly crafted 20,0000 page law and regs to do that but they wanted more.  No.  They wanted to control private sector healthcare, too.

So they cancelled your policy and taxed you, too.  Check out The Obamacare Report Card.

Why mess with an entire industry for 4 million uninsured? Does anyone want to deny anyone healthcare? Not me. How about you?

The simple solution is to use your vote in the upcoming elections to throw the corrupt politicians out! K.I.S.S. them all goodbye!


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2 Responses to Does Anyone Really Want to Deny Anyone Else Healthcare?

  1. Tom R says:

    It’s about control! Control by Washington DC. Control by the left wing, liberal progressive movement to micromanage Americans and establish a single payer system. 100 years of progressivism finally attained the Universal healthcare coverage – ObamadoesntCare. The talk ramped up, it was a “right” to have healthcare. Keep saying it over and over and a lie becomes believable.

    Prior to Obamadoesntcare insurance companies in many states, including Florida, already were required to insure groups on a “guaranteed issue” basis. You have an employer group of 5 or 25 employees – someone has cancer, a current pregnancy, diabetes, heart diseases – no problem. Group health insurance will insure you. You may pay a higher premium, but imagine insurance companies establishing a rate commensurate with the risk? What a novel idea.

    There was a price to guarantee issue in Florida, it then prohibited businesses from joining association groups around the country. Florida groups had their own rates, plans and networks, South Carolina had their own system as well. You couldn’t cross state lines and join an association, like an organization such as NFIB. Of course, if you were a member of AFL-CIO union and the plan was based out of New Jersey, you as a business could join that union plan out of New Jersey. Rates were almost half of Small Group reform rates in Florida. Half the monthly premium.

    So you are correct, insurance companies already had a system in place that could have delivered healthcare on both a group and Individual basis. Individual health insurance, prior to Obamadoesntcare was individually underwritten and your health condition was an underwriting factor. But government takeover meant establishing “Exchanges” to assist in enrollment. Such as the State of Tennessee spending over $60 million of taxpayer money and reportedly had 1 enrollment on the first day. Of course we know about the dysfunctional software system taxpayers paid over $600 million to implement, at least Mrs. Obama’s sorority sister’s company fared very well. Oh yea they got another $240 million of taxpayer money to try and fix the mess they created.

    So to your point, if government would have just allowed insurance companies to modify their underwriting and implement guarantee issue of health insurance whether purchased on a group or individual basis, cost to taxpayers would have been billions less. Not to mention the increase in government employees hired at taxpayer expense, to operate ObamadoesntCare? 11,000 additional IRS Agents, unlicensed individuals enrolling people in healthcare and the billions of taxpayer funded subsidies. The liberal progressive movement in America has done their job!


  2. Excellent insight on the Florida insurance markets. Thanks Tom.


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