Dear John, I am not for sale. Signed, Dr. Mom

It is an important and welcome distinction to learn patients and at least some doctors, like Kris Held are opposed to Big Government takeover of medicine.


The patient-physician relationship is like no other. One cannot fathom the depth of love for a child until she becomes a mother. One cannot fathom the devotion to a patient until she becomes a physician. I recall my heart fibrillating the day I received an urgent call in the operating room in the midst of a complex ocular trauma case from my three year old daughter’s preschool teacher informing me that no one had picked my baby girl up. My life was at that moment consumed, my being, one with the precious patient that teetered on the edge of blindness and disfigurement. My life was consumed, so much so that I had forgotten that I was a mother, so much so that a precious little girl watched and waited on a curb until trust and smiles morphed into disappointment and tears. But, she was not alone; she stood like a…

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