Broken People by Broken Government

Unfit for Work – Yet Another Burgeoning Entitlement Program is one of the best written articles I have read it quite some time on any topic, this on the disability entitlement.  Poignant and startlingly real, sad for our citizens and disappointing for our government, who appears to be their own worst enemy.


Chana Joffe-Walt

The author, Chana Joffe-Walt goes on to do an interesting Washington Post interview, ‘I thought I knew what being disabled meant, and I don’t.’

She is also wrongfully criticized by , self-acclaimed Distinguished Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago, in a blog post, NPR Reporter Chana Joffe-Walt Gets Disability Wrong, who by his own admission says his argument about an aging population  “may be closer to the fact” when referring to the rise of people seeking disability benefits, as opposed to Joffe-Walt, who’s narrative supports the growth of a new entitlement program.

Davis tries to discredit Joffe-Walt because she doesn’t have Davis’s educational pedigree.  I would say he’s just a bag of hot air, who needs to spend more time outside the classroom.  He’s been schooled by a highly talented reporter and writer.

To further suffer my opinion, I know people who have suffered disabling injuries or illnesses, some who could have worked, but were wrongfully terminated.  They went on disability.  Now they make due on limited income and still find ways to contribute to society.  Maybe there should be a limited disability income program?  I hope we hear more on the subject from Joffe-Walt.

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