Photo OP on BENGHAZI from the Situation Room, NOT!

Sandy Storm Situation Room Photo OP. What about BENGHAZI?!

The White House wants you to believe, where Obama was the night of the attacks on our Benghazi consulate is “irrelevant.”  The State Dept.’s Hillary Clinton says, “What difference does it make?”  What IS relevant?  What Does make a difference?  New Year’s Day 2014 it will be 477 days and we still don’t know.

Previously reported on Benghazi here

The Headstone on the Benghazi Terror Attack Will Read – R.I.P. 9/11/2012 – NOW 05/15/2013

To the Mainstream Media (MSM), you have the Sandystorm PhotoOp. Now where is the PhotoOp from the Situation Room during the 7 hour Sh!tstorm called Benghazi? Four brave Americans died!!! on 9/11!!!

Case in point…Brian Williams, Obama’s butt buddy. As Obama goes, so goes Brian. Why? It’s hard to imagine Romney and Williams as best buds. Leno’s already taken a 50% pay cut to stay on the air. Williams makes $13M a year. What’s at stake? Romney sees Williams in a Big bird suit. So Brian talks about anything but Benghazi…

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4 Responses to Photo OP on BENGHAZI from the Situation Room, NOT!

  1. TAR says:

    The Benghazi cover-up is an absolute disgrace by President Obama and his Administration lying and stonewalling the American public. They have no problem in showing campaign photo-oops of Bin Laden and Hurricane Sandy Situation Room scenes. However, they are SILENT on showing any Benghazi Situation Room photo-ops! President Obama has been one big disaster since January 20, 2009, but his cover-up of Benghazi which left one dead Ambassador, 2 Heroic Navy Seals and a CIA Administrator is UNFORGIVEABLE! Amazing how Obama and the willing accomplices in the media are sweeping this scandal under the proverbial prayer rug!


  2. It looks likes a play for job preservation for the mainstream media and an act of desperation by the Obama re-election team. Romney’s going to be too busy cleaning up this huge mess to be appearing on late night talk shows and pandering to the likes of Brian Williams.


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