The Headstone on the Benghazi Terror Attack Will Read – R.I.P. 9/11/2012 – NOW 11/10/2013

The Benghazi fait accompli – It’s NOW been 425 Days!

Like you need another  blogger venting about the lack of reporting on the Benghazi terror attack!  Sorry!  If the mainstream media (MSM) has their way, I can envision the tombstone on the Benghazi terror attack will read R.I.P.   9/11/2012 – ??/??/????.

Let’s not let this act of terror get buried, because the Benghazi terror attack is very much alive!

At the time this was written, It was 10/28/2012, 48 days after the attacks on the US embassy’s in the Middle East and the Benghazi debacle resulting in the murder of our US Ambassador Chris Stevens and leaving four Americans dead remains a mystery.  We have no idea who the perpetrators are, and what we plan to do to bring them to justice.  I fear we never will, if the Obama administration and the mainstream media have their way.

“On September 13 — two days after the attack — a senior U.S. official told CNN that the violence in Libya was not the work of “an innocent mob.”  “The video or 9/11 made a handy excuse and could be fortuitous from their perspective, but this was a clearly planned military-type attack,” the official said.”

I Googled “benghazi and the mainstream media” and there’s nada!  Thanks to Al Gore invention of the internet, Benghazi’s very much alive in the Twitter-sphere.   So much so, Obama and his Chicago thugs have had to keep changing their stories.  The liberals on Twitter are uncharacteristically quiet on the topic of Benghazi.   Chris Matthews  titter feed @hardball_chris on Benghazi, nada!   I checked Rachel Maddow’s twitter feed @maddow on Benghazi, again, nada!

While NBC Meet the Press with David Gregory aired on 10-28-2012, he totally passed the buck, saying he would get to Benghazi later, he didn’t.  Fox News Sunday and Bob Schieffer on CBS Face the Nation had John McCain on, who slammed Obama and his Administration.  Thanks to a Fox News Special Report on Fox News, Brett Baier, airing on multiple days, in multiple time slots, this stories not going away.  There’s no denying this is a major cover-up or a major f$!k-up, most likely both.  Stay tuned.

“The full story of what happened in Libya, down to the last detail, may never be known. But, as someone once said, you don’t need to eat a whole egg to know that it is rotten. And you don’t need to know every detail of the events before, during and after the attacks to know that the story put out by the Obama administration was a fraud.”  Thomas Sowell — Libya and Lies

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta told reporters at the Pentagon on Thursday that there was not a clear enough picture of what was occurring on the ground in Benghazi to send help.

“There’s a lot of Monday morning quarterbacking going on here,” Panetta said Thursday. “But the basic principle here … is that you don’t deploy forces into harm’s way without knowing what’s going on.” Leon Panetta

“Oh, well I guess that the answer then Leon. If you don’t know what’s going on then you don’t do anything. There were a lot of heroes who died on 9/11—the first 9/11—who didn’t know what was going on, but they rushed into the World Trade Center. They rushed in because that was their job. They weren’t soldiers and they never expected to die. Not like that. But still I give them credit where credit is due. Rushing into a burning building takes bigger balls than I’ve got. You know what though? Can you imagine if instead of watching what we did, we had instead watched two towers on fire while a bunch of firemen and fire-engines sat at their stations?”  Vantage Point of the One-Eyed Jack

An update on Benghazi by the —> Photo OP on BENGHAZI from the Situation Room, NOT!  followed the Hurricane “Sandy Storm”  to bury the Benghazi “Sh!t Storm”  which is Benghazi.  When will the MSM rise from the dead?  For the sake of the memories of those four brave men murdered, their families and the American people, let’s not rest until we bring these terrorists to justice and we know the truth about what the Obama administration knew and learn from our mistakes.

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3 Responses to The Headstone on the Benghazi Terror Attack Will Read – R.I.P. 9/11/2012 – NOW 11/10/2013

  1. TAR says:

    The biggest reprieve from this story Obama could receive is Hurricane Sandy, which has helped the White House and their operatives not address this issue at all. Now there are emails surfacing showing Ambassador Chris Stevens was in peril. When a U.S. Ambassador is in danger there is an immediate notification to the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. So President Obama what did you do? Why were troops not dispatched to Benghazi to save the Ambassador? Why did you give orders for our military to STAND DOWN? Not once, Not Twice but Three Times! So you ran guns to Mexican Drug Lords (known as Fast & Furious) which resulted in the deaths of two U.S. Border Agents and you suppressed that information. Now there are confirmed reports Obama was running guns to Al-Qaeda and four Americans were expended with in Benghazi. This is one corrupt President!


  2. We’re just 5 days away from an election. If Romney wins look for the Obama Administration erasing their sordid past actions regarding Fast and Furious and Benghazi.


  3. TAR says:

    Let’s hope Romney wins, because Obama and his buddies in the media have been erasing and covering up Fast & Furious and now Benghazi. After the elections there should be indictments of those responsible for both scandals.


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