The Debates – If Only They Were a Game!

Touchdown Joe

Actions speak louder than words – that’s fair, except in a debate.  28 interruptions?

It is sad, when the outcome of a Green Bay football game is more important than the outcome of this election.

These last 3 debate moderators remind me of the NFL replacement referees.

Where’s the outrage?

Three debates, three liberal moderators.

Jim Lehrer, an intimate friend and fellow employee of Big Bird.

Martha Raddatz, the moderator, the one NOT refereeing the Biden-Ryan debate is so close to Obama, Obama’s attends her short lived wedding to an Obama appointee.

The last, Candy Crowley… an employee of CNN and self-appointed fact checker… She throws the flag, i.e., throws 28 interruptions at Romney.  She serves as the debate coach for Obama.  As I said, actions speak louder than words.

These debate moderators remind me of the NFL replacement refs.  The difference is, the debate moderators get to choose the rules of the game.  Where’s the outrage?  Are these moderators pros?  Certainly Jim Lehrer, but  when all three moderators are liberals, I would suggest they are not qualified to referee a debate between the two candidates for the United States of America or the VP candidates.

The expression, “Actions speak louder than words” serves as a fair expression in most cases, except NOT in a debate.  The actions of the mainstream media moderators and a boorish candidate, a.k.a. Biden, to influence the election is means “game on!”  Here’s a sample —>  Romney kills it! – hilarious!

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