“Death to America!” Is this the “secret sauce” in the Middle East to get BILLIONS from the US Government Taxpayers?

Ahhh ” Protesters in Egypt

Occupy Wall Street (OWS), maybe you should be protesting at the Egyptian and Libyan Embassy here in the US?  A US Ambassador to Libya was sodomized, RAPED and dragged through the streets of Benghazi.

“Death to America!”  Is this the “secret sauce” in the Middle East to get BILLIONS from the US Government?  Attention OWS, Wall Street is amateur night compared to these  Islamic countries in taking money out of your pockets.

Ahh.. OWS, Benghazi is a  city in a foreign country, Libya where we’ve sacrificed lives and millions of dollars to FREE them from TYRANNY!

We give a BILLION dollars in aid a year to Egypt and their unemployment rate for young people is 25%. In return we get protesters attacking our embassy.  There are 20 countries like Egypt and Libya attacking the USA who are receiving US aid.

Some other questions maybe we should be asking…

Where was the intelligence data?  Where were the Marines who should have been protecting our embassy?

Let me preface this next question by emphasizing, not one small business owners is asking for a handout.  Just imagine…

Imagine the power of a MILLION small business owners given a MILLION dollars each to improve the economy right here in the USA?

I think we are talking JOBS.  Lots of jobs!  TEN MILLION jobs?  More? Likely.  Pay close attention OWS…   We’re talking jobs!

I think Obama supporters are good people, trying to do good.  This election comes down to whether you believe enabling people who take advantage and want big government is better for Americans.  Sadly, the enablers, have lost sight of or do not believe in free market capitalism, including the  protesters who comprise a portion of the  25% of the Egyptian population out of work.

What do you propose we do next?  Over 1 TRILLION in stimulus has failed.  How about we encourage what my Mom calls good old fashioned “elbow grease.”

About Idea Capitalist
Family guy and entrepreneur. Small Business owner. NFIB Leadership Council member. Serial blogger.

3 Responses to “Death to America!” Is this the “secret sauce” in the Middle East to get BILLIONS from the US Government Taxpayers?

  1. Tom R. says:

    Excellent article! While the OWS movement was designed to attack Mitt Romney and the wealthy in this country, the OWS movement exercised their First Amendment Right of Free Speech, without opposition. Something our Founders expressly inserted in the U.S. Constitution. Free Speech and the Freedom to Peaceably Assemble (the latter of which is a question mark with the OWS movement) the backbone of our Bill of Rights. The Egyptian and Libyan uprisings want to blame some movie for their civil unrest and brutally murdering 4 American Citizens including savaging our U.S. Ambassador. But that’s life in the Middle East despising our Freedoms, LIberties and Constitution. Funding to these countries should be terminated immediately! Let other Middle Eastern countries step up to the plate and fund these nations. They’ve proven no matter how much money we pour into their coiffers, we are not going to buy their happiness nor their approval of our way of life.
    Mr. Obama is quick to shoot from the hip and forgive $1 billion in debt to Egypt and give the Palestinians $174 million both in the name of shoring up their respective economies. Unfortunately his support of Small Business in America is shooting with blanks!


    • Thanks Tom. An interesting side note. I am traveling on business. I had lunch in the Nashville airport. My waitress was from Egypt and a Christian. She said there was a lottery in Egypt to allow Egyptians to come to America. She won and brought her husband and two young sons here. She said the violence against Christians in Egypt is frightening and mentioned a church burning and hundreds of Christians killed and injured. I had heard something about this so I looked it up. In 2011 there were several church burnings, almost 100 Christians dead and many hundreds injured.


  2. Tom R. says:

    Thanks for the link, scary for Christians living in the Middle East. Guess we should be thankful for our Freedom of Religion in the United States! The waitress in Nashville made a good choice moving the the U.S.


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