How to Communicate with High-Minded Liberals

Harry Reid

It’s been my experience it is highly doubtful high-minded liberals will listen to you if you have anything to say against this administration and the Democrats.  If they do, they will try to either steamroll you with insults, misdirection and shameful attempts to bring on a guilt trip over a multitude of entitlement issues.

The best advice I have read comes from a Twitter contributor Wayne Dupree.

You can follow Wayne @NewsNinja2012.  I’m not endorsing Wayne, only applauding sound advice.  I could learn from him. 

From Wayne:

When speaking w/liberals, be calm and always remember. Democrats Shift the subject, Ignore the facts, and if that doesn’t work, they begin name calling.

Wayne Dupree

Another suggestion is to do the math and deal with the facts.  

Too often conservatives, in particular small business people like myself, take liberal bias personally, especially since we have to deal with a barrage of it daily.  If we complain about the media the first thing they do is throw Fox News in your face.  I disagree because Fox News is an hour long program that allows both points of view.  I would agree O’Reilly, Hannity and many other programs are biased, but no more than NBC, ABC, CBS MSNBC and CNN for their liberal bias.  I watch news and political broadcast on all the above mentioned networks, that way I feel I am being fair and balanced listening to many points of view.  Sometimes it’s best to watch a sitcom and lately I have taken refuse in watching the Olympics.

A great source fact-finding source is a Blog that does the math and cites the facts. 

Here are a few good examples:

If you listen to the mainstream media or read the news you would think Obamacare is going to save taxpayers money.  Think again.

The Tax Burden of ObamaCare

If you think the CBO is projecting Obamacare is going to cut the deficit, think again.

Projecting the Personal Cost of ObamaCare

If you think Regulations are not burdensome on the American people, especially small business, think again.  The scary part is Obama is going to wait until after the election to unleash a tsunami of addition regulation.

The Regulation of the American People

Again, if the argument gets personal, take the high road and walk away, stop Blogging, Facebooking or Tweeting with anyone who gets too personal. 

You can’t talk about what you do with your money, how much you pay in taxes and how much you donate to charity.  That’s too personal.  The best you can do is agree-to-disagree. 

Finally, once your discussion or argument’s ended, take some time to reflect and explore the other person’s point of view.

Maybe you can learn something new.  Maybe the other person had a valid point or argument.  Maybe your counterpart will have learned something, too.   Highly unlikely, to be honest, but then you can always find solace after November 6th, 2012.


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5 Responses to How to Communicate with High-Minded Liberals

  1. Jimmy Rustles says:

    citing a personal blog as a source. strong evidence.


    • Good point. Political Calculations has been doing the math since 2004. If you read any of the Blog posts data sources are cited and the conclusions are compelling. Ideacapitalists is a small business blog run by a small business owner who has been in business going on 25 years. I think there is a wealth of information available to the public from bloggers who rather than do this for a living do it because they have strong beliefs and a commitment to their ideals. Not all personal blog posts here or at Political Calculations are about politics. You might actually enjoy some of the posts at Political Calculations. For example there’s a post with a calculator about whether to buy a new caror keep the car you own. Thanks.


  2. The Devil's Advocate says:

    “It’s been my experience it is highly doubtful high-minded liberals will listen to you if you have anything to say against this administration and the Democrats. If they do, they will try to either steamroll you with insults, misdirection and shameful attempts to bring on a guilt trip over a multitude of entitlement issues.”

    This phenomenon happens on all sides. The fact is, nobody gets up in the morning with the sole intent to Ruin the Country. Everyone thinks they have the right idea, if only the people who disagree would wise up and listen to them, so when they get the opportunity, they wield their opinion like an axe, whether or not they have facts to back it up.

    As for citing a personal blog, that’s generally bad form, but I happen to think that if the blog post is well researched, I don’t see the harm in it. It’s just an aggregation of facts. But I would give a lot more consideration to a post by an economist (other than Krugman) over somebody’s personal blog.

    I can tell you this: Nobody likes to be labeled or generalized. Using phrases like, “You’re just a liberal!” or “Those stupid Democrats” demeans everyone involved. How angry does the phrase, “Bible-thumping, Inbred Southern Conservative” make you? It’s demeaning to everyone. There are plenty of shades of grey in the political debate.

    With that in mind, remember that we’re all on the same side. We all want a better, stronger, happier America. We might disagree on how to get there, but we’re all trying to get to the same place. This isn’t about Conservatives versus Liberals or Democrats versus Republicans. It’s about America versus the march of history. Superpowers don’t remain superpowers forever without diligent maintenance in all areas.


    • I think Political Calculations is well worth the time and is a great source for Bloggers who want to drill down through politicians fuzzy math. Their objective is “dedicated to analyzing current events, we create easy-to-use, simple tools to do the math related to them…”


      • The Devil's Advocate says:

        I agree. I also like politifact and factcheck. They do a nice job of explaining what the numbers mean so you can make an educated analysis.


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