Wanna Get Away?

Where to turn, And oh, btw, best of luck.

I just read these stirringly emotional and impactful comments, from a nephew of mine on Facebook.  Lesson learned.  You’re never too old to learn.  Of course, I had to share them.

Nick is a courier.  It’s a tough job.

From my nephew Nick, “After an especially difficult day at work that almost meant not coming home, I’m having one of those life reflective sorta evenings.. I suppose it’s good that I’m in a good mood about it all, and glad the mistakes I’ve made have made me understand that most of us never get to walk on easy street and that everyone is a screw up on occasion. That I have a good family that may sometimes think they’re flawed, though they may not realize I prefer it that way.. A group of friends, several close, and a whole bunch far and wide, that I enjoy talking, joking with, and kicking back with.. I couldn’t replace one minute of my strange yet wonderful life!

Nick isn’t wearing a mask.  He is very matter-of-fact.  When the I-35W Mississippi River bridge collapsed, he called his dad and said, “I was just over that bridge less than 10 minutes ago.”

I35 bridge collapse

More from Nick. “And to the clueless motorist that ran that light, putting your life in my hands to send that probably unimportant text message and not watching what you were doing, be thankful that I’ve been at this game for years and that the ditch I hit going full speed wasn’t your car and that I was able to keep that rickety work van wheels down and not hit the line of oncoming innocent bystanders on that 2 lane highway there as I regained the reigns.

There are many of us out there that just wanna pay our bills the only way we currently know how, and to make it home when the work day is done.

Please, just pay attention out there. Nothing you can do in the car is important as concentrating on driving and on what’s going on around you.

Nick, in conclusion, “Truth is, I like what I do.. Though it’d be nice if the pay was better, I don’t feel like I need much of a light on me or the work I do.. As for the optimism, I try to stay that way as the only other option doesn’t do anyone any good. Too many people drown in their sorrows these days. I don’t wanna be one of them! Better to enjoy the finer moments and weather the not so great ones, thus the reason I don’t hold a grudge on said motorist from today…

Priceless, yes? A VISA commercial, no; but there’s a Southwest Airlines commercial in here somewhere. Help me out!

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2 Responses to Wanna Get Away?

  1. Mark Wiessner says:

    Nice job Al, thanks!


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