Yes We Did! We Built From the Ground Up (Mr. President)!

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What does “shovel ready” really mean to a small business owner?  It means building a business from the ground up!

Are you sick of this class warfare?!  Do we want to elect a President that knows more about how to spend OP’s money or one who knows how to cut spending and increase revenues?

Memo to the President: I started my own business over 24 years ago and I built it from the ground up.  My business has gone from a one man band to well… suffice it to say,  we have increased full-time employment (FTEs)  significantly, private sector jobs and without government assistance.

As a community organizer, President Obama certainly can appreciate the value of a grassroots movement.  In other words, contributions made from the ground up can have a very positive effect on the community.  In President Obama’s case, that would pertain to social issues and how he was able to help people who were impoverished and disadvantaged.  Admirable, but the money he raised had to come from somewhere, most likely charitable contributions and local, state and federal government tax revenues which to a significant percentage, come from small businesses.  A vote for conservative principles, capitalism and common sense regulation, is a vote for small business.  So get on our bandwagon!

In my case, contributions to my small business came in the form of personal sacrifices; from my personal savings; taking no salary for some time, taking less salary for some time and mind you, no vacations for many years.  I had to continue to pay my bills, feed my family and keep a roof over our heads.  When my saving ran out I took a second mortgage on my house.

I chose to go it on my own.  I took all my savings, borrowed from family, friends my home and started my own business.  My kids saw me on weekends.

The President refers to Middle American’s like it doesn’t include small business owners.  Most small business owners take a significant portion of what their small business earns and they reinvest in their business. The President knows how small businesses earn income and chooses to ignore it.  Small business people “pay it forward.”  Our income goes back into our business, meaning jobs and if for no other reason, in today’s economy, it’s grow or die! 

I’m offended by the President’s misguided belief that wealthy Americans are the problem in this divide between Republicans and Democrats. 

At the end of the day I’m “bone tired” and the threats of higher taxes, more regulation and Obamacare chill me to the bone.  Most wealthy Americans are hard-working, who have their own plan on how to spread the wealth around.  I have much more faith in free enterprise.

President Obama just doesn’t care.  How could he?  He’s never walked in a small business owner’s shoes.  Mr. President, you will never walk in my shoes or the shoes of millions of small business owners.  Here’s how it works:

  1. Believe in yourself
  2. Take a huge chance.
  3. Put your own money behind it.
  4. Believe you can do better.
  5. Commit yourself, your family and your friends to get behind you.
  6. Repeat Numbers 1 –5.

As the expression goes, those are pretty big shoes to fill.  Free enterprise and small businesses come from the ground up.  Powerful stuff!


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Family guy and entrepreneur. Small Business owner. NFIB Leadership Council member. Serial blogger.

3 Responses to Yes We Did! We Built From the Ground Up (Mr. President)!

  1. Dan Wiessner says:

    You’ve stressed the most salient issue of the campaign this year. Obama is so delusional about business (in general) that he asked Steve Jobs why Apple doesn’t manufacture the i-Phone in this country. This is the story of this question and why and how Jobs responded the way he did. Put bluntly (as Jobs did), these types of jobs are not coming back. We need jobs that utilize our American intellectual capital (and use it to execute and accomplish our ideas, our hopes and dreams), our financial capital and this country’s human infrastructure, which is still unmatched in the world. It’s a long article but it does a great job illuminating why we can’t worry about bringing back low tech manufacturing jobs that require simple mechanical labor. Mr Obama doesn’t seem to realize that we’ve moved on. Mr. Romney, the only true business man left in the race, recognizes this basic state of American enterprise in 2012. We need that understanding so desperately, right now, I believe he is the only candidate that can lead us to move forward and improve on what we already have. Don’t worry about getting back what we ‘ve losr decades ago. We don’t need the community organizer anymore.


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