Getting Religion…

Stating the obvious, we know that wearing religion on your sleeve can be dangerous.  Which brings me to one cogent expression from this one young man’s video below; he professes that “people only know you’re a Christian by your Facebook.”  

I have experienced their religion first-hand.  If you’re running late and you think finding a seat on a Southwest flight is difficult, try getting to a religious service late.  If you have ever been slow to leave after services, you have been run over by the stampede leaving church or cutoff leaving the parking lot.   

I guess it’s still better than being in the Middle East where you could be blown up by a suicide bomber or a roadside bomb.  Thank God no one has been nuked lately. 

Don’t get me wrong.  Many who profess their faith in God are truly genuine.  That is why many of us have become instant fans of the Denver Broncos…well Tim Tebow, anyway.  In fact, there does seem to be the hand of God in some of his touchdown throws.  God help the rest of us!  

To my point, Christians and Muslims have killed millions in the name of God or Allah, but as Jesus was our Savior, He never meant for any of this to happen.  He wasn’t a “Christian” in religious man-made terms.  He was the first Christian,  He was a true gift from God , the Son of God.  His words were meant to heal not to divide.  He sacrificed himself and died on the cross for all humankind. 

I’m not a heretic.  I’m not preaching.  If I was, I’d be preaching to the choir.  This is a lesson.  This is a lesson from the heart.  We need to listen. —> Getting Religion

He says, “Just because you call somebody blind doesn’t mean you have vision.”

We have been warned.  The experts say our next great threat is ourselves, right here in America. It’s now about you and me.  It’s now more important than ever to follow the true meaning of Christ.

We already know we live shoulder to shoulder, possibly arm in arm, with the next domestic terrorist.  Whether he or she is on the side of one religious sect or another, it matters far less than the lives that will be lost.  We just need to stop, listen and learn from Him.

The Greatest Commandment: Love God and Your Neighbor

Matthew 22:37-40 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

Be a Servant to Others

Mark 10:45 For even the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many.

So when you’re on the internet, which is a miracle in itself, to think Al Gore invented it; and you come across an amazing YouTube video, it’s no wonder you will find someone you can relate to and another who says, “hmmm.” 

I hope you have labored with me up to this point because if you haven’t seen and heard it, this young man’s poem and video, YouTube Video —->Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus || Spoken Word, it has great insight on man-made religion vs. the true love of God.

In his own words, A poem I wrote to highlight the difference between Jesus and false religion. In the scriptures Jesus received the most opposition from the most religious people of his day. At it’s core Jesus’ gospel and the good news of the Cross is in pure opposition to self-righteousness/self-justification. Religion is man centered, Jesus is God-centered. This poem highlights my journey to discover this truth. Religion either ends in pride or despair.  Pride because you make a list and can do it and act better than everyone, or despair because you can’t do your own list of rules and feel “not good enough” for God. With Jesus though you have humble confident joy because He represents you, you don’t represent yourself and His sacrifice is perfect putting us in perfect standing with God!”  Jefferson Bethke

Let’s see if this young man can keep his perspective, like Tebow, without becoming carried away with his newfound man-made worship and adoration. 

Regardless, his message is compelling.  I have watched and listened to this video several times, not because I am in danger of being left without a seat on a plane or I fear getting run over in a stampede.  I have watched and listened because it has struck a chord… 

Maybe there’s hope for our young people.  Maybe they will navigate their way out of this dust storm they have inherited from us.  Maybe those of us older and portended to be wiser, set in our ways; maybe, just maybe, we will follow.

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6 Responses to Getting Religion…

  1. Dan Wiessner says:

    This young guy expresses so much in a manner which may well relate to today’s younger generation; a bit rap, certainly with a bit of rhyme. Nevertheless, he didn’t cheat on the basic message. He’s saying that organized, institutional religion, in so many ways, fails us. Specifically, in so many ways, it has failed our kids, even more than it failed us “Boomers” when we were reaching adulthood. Instead it spends most of its talent, energy and resources perpetuating itself and its own self righteous “mission”. This “mission” is directed and decreed by those in power at the time. When we were growing up, the “Greatest Generation” had control. If you didn’t want to tow their line, you hit the highway. You remember the song lyrics; “I wanna die before I get old”? Most of us “boomers” didn’t want to be in charge of the “system”. We wanted personal freedoms. That was it. We wanted to grow our hair and (in some cases) smoke pot. The mantra was that you should be able to do whatever you wanted to do as long as it didn’t hurt somebody else. They don’t want to be told what to do anymore. Have you seen the results of the New Hampshire primary? Fully 50% voted for Ron Paul. His Libertarian stance and message appeals to our kids for exactly the same reasons it would have to us Boomers if Paul has been running in the late 60’s or early 70’s. However, it is important to remember that the United States is almost unique in the sense that religion is not the same as government. Sure, “In God We Trust” is on the money and the origins of the governmental institutions are Christian in nature, but this is one of a very few countries that has true religious freedom. Here, you are free to adhere to the religion of our enemies as well as that of the founding fathers. They co-exist, most of the time easily, and often within blocks of one another in larger cities. People were scared and intolerant of other religious views in the past, even in the United States. For example, take our attitude towards communism in the 1950’s. Joe McCarthy railed against it and folks who espoused it (or that he thought did) because it was a total ban of religion, in effect. However, those periods of intolerance have passed into history and now are almost historical curiousities. Did you know that the KKK was just as hateful towards Catholics as African Americans? Most of our kids would be astonished to know this.

    Getting back to the video, the young man is right. Jesus provided an example of what is humanly decent behavior. That does not include having to attend Mass on Sunday. Neither does it include blowing up cars or rock throwing. You don’t have to pour over the Bible and try and “read into” every passage. You don’t have to Tebow in the hallways of your school. Different strokes for different folks.

    This young man gets the message; he’s saying what he believes in his own heart and mind. And, he’s expressing it in a new and 21st century way. Kudos to him for that!


  2. Reg Lepper says:

    My daughter Katie sent me the video just yestedrday! She found it to be ” so true”. Katie has found Jesus within the last two years on her own and with dear friends in a way very differently than she was raised.She is an example of this new this generation you and Dan are talking about, and I am so damn proud of her, and guess what, her daughter Grace (11) loves going to her Church youth group and often talks about her faith so it goes yet to the next generation.


  3. Bluey says:

    I saw this a few weeks ago. A powerful mesgase for sure! For years I didn’t go to church, because I wasn’t sure how to pick a church or religion. I talked to and spent some time with people from different religions and various churches, it was all really confusing at first. And each person tried to tell me why their church or religion was best. Finally, one day, I drove out to a little church near where I grew up. The people were friendly and welcoming and laid back. They spend a lot of time helping other people in need. They sang lots of songs and shared bible readings. That’s all I needed. It was so simple once I took the obsessive thinking out of the equation. It really is about your relationship with Jesus, not where you go to church, or the name of your religion.


  4. Rama says:

    In Saudi Arabia, all citizens are reeiruqd to be Muslims, and the public practice of other religions is forbidden. Private practice of other religions is sometimes allowed and sometimes persecuted; there is no law protecting even this.Iran is officially a Twelver Shiite state. Some other religions (Christianity, Judaism, Zoroastrianism) are permitted, but are not allowed to proselytize; and they are sometimes persecuted even if they don’t. The Bahai faith is not allowed at all. Sunni Muslims are subject to some restrictions also.In China, all religious organizations have to be authorized by the government. This has given rise to conflict when the government appoints religious leaders different from what the religion itself chooses. There are state-appointed Catholic, Protestant, Buddhist, Taoist, and Muslim leaders. These are not always approved by the religious organizations outside of China. Those who practice religion outside these state-approved organizations are subject to severe persecution.In Turkey, since the secularization by Ataturk in the early 20th century, the government permits all religions but keeps them all under close surveillance. Special religious clothing (the veil, the fez) is not permitted to be worn in public. Turkey is predominantly Muslim, and there is some prejudice against other religions.In North Korea, virtually no religious practice is allowed except a limited amount by foreigners. Worship is considered a political offense.Cuba was for years officially atheist, and religious practice was seriously discouraged, with some persecution. But now religious people are even allowed to join the Communist Party. The government is secular rather than atheist, and religious practice is pretty much free.These are a few varied examples of governments which have restricted religious practice. In our time, the States that restrict religious freedom are mostly Muslim or Atheist.I can’t think of any other belief system that does this in modern times.Religion is the source of meaning and values for many people, and restricting it restricts the growth of the human soul. In countries where a religion is imposed, it loses some of its growth potential. In countries where religion is not restricted or mandated by the government, it flourishes and leads to better values and ways of life.


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