The Real Middle Class is the “Middle Seat” on Southwest Airlines

The real middle class?  Invisible. The mainstream media and the politicians can’t see us from where they’re sitting. 

Nothing the middle class does is less than “first class.”

They don’t care about labels or Occupying Anything unless it’s a celebration, like Times Square on New Year’s Eve.

They can’t afford first class tickets.  So they fly Southwest Airlines.

The real “middle class” is willing to stand in line for a bargain.  They rarely complain.  When it comes to flying, they’re just happy to have afforded a seat to a destination for which they are committed and it doesn’t much matter how they get there.

In the real world, Mr. President, there’s no time for “class warfare.”  In this economy, if you do your job, the middle class can do their job. There’s no time for “camplaigning.”

I see the middle class on Facebook, but they much prefer face time.  They are grandparents visiting their grandkids.  They are students heading home with their laundry.   They are guests to a wedding.  They are the bereaved heading to a funeral. They are small business people trying to close the deal.

That would be me, my boarding pass was C4 on a full flight.  Just so you know C4 on a Southwest flight is not a seat number, it a place marker in line.  C4 means 120 passengers have boarded the flight before you and you’re playing musical chairs with anyone standing in front of you or behind.  Those people already seated, they want nothing to do with you! Trust me!

If they are the mainstream media, the pundits, the celebrities, the sound bites and the politicians who want to define the rich and the middle class, they don’t fly Southwest.  I think that can define them.  They are elitists.  I define an elitist as someone who thinks most everyone else is ignorant or stupid.  Attention elitists!  C4 on a Southwest flight is 9 times out of 10, a middle seat.  Then again, if I have to explain C4 on a Southwest flight to an elitist, I guess that makes me one.  So I guess I’m not qualified to run for office.

Middle class America cannot be defined or redefined by sound bites.  The only chance their agenda gets any traction?  It’s if the middle class isn’t looking out the window on our last flight, taking the 30,000 foot view.  They’re too busy dealing with what’s in their lap.  More likely?  Elitist fly first class thinking they’re a pillow away from another Democrat president.  A luxury we cannot afford.

FYI – The only class warfare for me comes with a “Ding!” and it’s all about getting an aisle seat.

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4 Responses to The Real Middle Class is the “Middle Seat” on Southwest Airlines

  1. Reg Lepper says:


    For over thirty years I flew 80% of the time in first class (because of upgrades w/Freq Flyer status programs),however now as part of the perks from being part of our nations 9%+ unemployment program as opposed to my Freq Flyer programs, I find myself not in the middle seat but in the middle lane. What makes it worse is often my wife is seated next to me in seat 75a, bitching about the fact that we are driving instead of flying. My response is always hey honey @ least we didn’t have to pay to check our luggage in the trunk, best of all we still have our health and can still afford to travel as long as we keep off the toll roads.
    See you @ the wedding this weekend we are going to park @ the airport just to make it seem like the old days. Sure hope someone can pick us up, our car arrive this coming Friday 12/9 @ 6PM. I am planning on throwing our luggage on one of the carousels just to be cool.



  2. Tom R. says:

    Unfortunately for President Blowhard, Class warfare is the only card he can play especially for his 2012 election. Obama cannot run on his FAILED economic policies. He cannot run on his “Leadership”. He cannot run on his FAILED foreign policies. So it’s time to divide and conquer. Create this class warfare division which appeases his democratic base, left wing socialists, progressives and the unions.
    If America truly had a president who was concerned about improving the economy and creating jobs, he would tighten his belt and not try to masquerade a Jobs Bill that only increases government employment. Propose real spending cuts, dig his heels in on the budget issue, inspire Free Enterprise and not demonize the risk takers, who create jobs. Small business is the engine that can move this country forward. Not inflating the government payroll doles, which guess what means government needs to collect more taxes in order to fund the government.
    If America had a president who revered Capitalism and the Free Enterprise System, we would not see the anarchist movement that despises Capitalism and the risk takers. But having a president who’s background amounts to being a Community Organizer and never ran as much as a corner grocery store or met a payroll, we should not set the bar so high. This is the Hope and Change Obama promised in 2008. Change America from a nation founded on Capitalism & Free Enterprise, create malaise. Give Hope that government will be the cure-all, so more and more Americans will be dependent upon the Feds for their daily existence (health care, employment checks oops unemployment checks, shredding of the First and Second Amendments). Ah the U.S. Constitution, a document that Obama seems to have contempt for. First, Second, Tenth Amenments, Article 2 Section 2.2, Article 6 Section 2 to name a few, mean nothing to this man.
    Of course Obama has no worries, the media will continue to sanitize Obama’s failures and short comings and jump on the class warfare bandwagon as well.
    Divide and Conquer!


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