We Need More “Idea” Capitalists to Bailout this Economy

“An idea is only worth it’s execution.”

We need more people with imagination running this government and this economy, but they need to be “idea capitalists.”  You don’t have to be a poet, a writer, a painter or movie producer too be an idea capitalist.  If you have a good idea, you can be a grinder, maybe even a lone wolf.  If you’re prideful, maybe to a fault, you can be an idea capitalist, one who capitalizes on their own ideas.

Idea capitalists do whatever it takes to execute on their ideas.  The idea capitalist, the grinder, the small business person, is more likely to survive upticks and downturns in the economy.

Herman Cain is an idea capitalist. He is a grinder. Given the opportunity he will be successful in helping the US create jobs, lower the deficit and increase our global competitiveness.

Herman Cain

The mainstream media and self-serving politicians contribute to idea capitalist’s genocide.

MSNBC pundits who have never had an original idea in their lives, interviewing (baiting) Herman Cain about his 9.9.9 proposal dismissed his ideas with the age old adage that assumes “poor people” spend more of their income on consumer goods than rich people therefore a national sales tax is a burden on the poor.  They have deep-sixed the FairTax too.  They haven’t researched the FairTax proposal otherwise they would know that FairTax offers rebates to lower income people who are FairTaxed.

The real answer is to increase small business competitiveness in a global economy. The Obama administration wants to spend billions more on infrastructure. More about this soon in a new post titled “Missing the Byte”, a play on words.  In fact we are ”missing the boat” when we, as a country, are investing more in the “asphalt highway”, in roads and rail than in new technology, the” information highway” which is an investment in our future competitiveness in the global marketplace.  Check out my post, India Gets IT.

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About Idea Capitalist
Family guy and entrepreneur. Small Business owner. NFIB Leadership Council member. Serial blogger.

4 Responses to We Need More “Idea” Capitalists to Bailout this Economy

  1. Jeff Graber says:

    There’s an entrenched status quo that is interested in preserving their way of life. New ideas upset the status quo, therefore there’s always going to be a large group of powerful people that resist that kind of change.

    Unfortunately, thanks to the way patents and our legal system work, it’s easy for a very large company to consume a start-up to prevent future competition. It’s easy to sue for patent infringement and let the legal fees burn the little guy out, or simply buy the little guy and bury his idea to preserve the status quo.


  2. Tom R. says:

    “Idea Capitalist” also assumes our leaders in Washington DC espouse the “Capitalist” theories our country was founded upon? The Obama Administration does not know the word “Capitalist” or “Capitalism” or “Free Enterprise”. The only “Capital” word the Obama Administration understands, is “Capitalize” as in on a crisis. America and Americans are entreprenuerial by nature. We have so many home grown resourses that could cause a boom in America, if government would just get out of the way. The current administration is not interested in Free Enterprise to energize this economy. It’s just how can they continue to raise “revenue”? Continue to drive a wedge between classes, as with what’s happening with the “Occupiers movement”. Obama has been and will always be a “Community Organizer”, who espouses the marxist theory of economics, hey that was his upbringing from his mentor Frank Marshall Davis.
    BTW Alan, you should not have to wait two years for a patent approval. That too stymies growth and productivity!


    • Tom R. says:

      Alan you are so right – Steve Jobs was a great Idea Capitalists. All these “Occupiers” from The White House to Wall Street, while they lament the “evil” corporations, demand “Fair Living Wages” and all the other communist manifesto rhetoric, they are tweeting and emailing from their iPhones, iPads, Blackberries and other technological savvy gizmos. I guess those corporations were not so bad. These same whiners have spent $100 to $500 on their technology gadgets, but yet they want a Free Education. Guess college economics must be teaching something different or maybe it’s really not their strong suit.
      Obama has lost control and possesses no leadership values (if he really had any). Sadly, the jobs bill he put forth clearly was not read by his supporters. It’s more government hiring and spending. $8 Billion to the Attorney General’s office for “Administrative” spending. $1 Billion to Dept. of Homeland Security for Hiring, Re-Hiring or Retention of employees. $105 million to Puerto Rico Highway Program. So Obama proposes a $447 billion short term stimulous 3 or 4 package, that will do nothing to spur economic growth and incentivize business. He can spend $25 million for a Muslim Entrepenurial Summit in Washington DC, yet there has been no American Small Business Summit bringing in NFIB and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce members and he’s been in office over 34 months. (34 months too long)


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