Hillary gives Obama the Green Light

Watching the President tonight explain our presence in Libya,  he did a very credible job, I might add, I can’t help but think we’ll hear a growing protest in this countRy.  A chant from an ever increasing crowd of discontent. 

  “Hillary for president.”   Following Hillary Clinton’s diplomatic Iditarod across Arab nations this past few weeks, laying the ground work for the president’s speech tonight,  leaves me “almost” speechless.

I feel like I was watching a FidelityInvestments commercial, except Obama traversed the green light path layed out ahead of him, by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, not Fidelity.  Not a big fan of Hillary normally, but I am a big fan of intelligence, talent, dedication and hard work.

Once Hillary figures out the hair thing (evidently there are no beauticians in the Arab states) she could easily win the Democratic  primaries for presidency in 2012.

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Family guy and entrepreneur. Small Business owner. NFIB Leadership Council member. Serial blogger.

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