Dear Celebrities ad nausea, media outlets NBC, CBS, ABC and affiliates

We are the Real McCoy.  We’re not the “Joe the Plumber,” who’s life you have tried to dismantle and who you have unfairly skewered every chance you were given.   The Real McCoy is our euphemism for small business owners across the country.  The Real McCoy’s are many of the small business owners who employ one to two-hundred employees.  The Obama administration will include a tax on small business for healthcare, if we choose not to offer it directly; an increase in capital gains tax; a dividends tax increase; a big-government healthcare plan to include all children, including children of illegal immigrants and there’s a real good chance they will allow unions to organize in businesses with as few as 25 employees, which will also pit employee against employer.  The Real McCoy’s and our employees stand to suffer financially from big government programs designed to give 95% of the American people a tax break and affordable healthcare, an illusion[1].  Consequently, small business employment will suffer. 

And Real McCoy’s voices went largely unheard. 

Hollywood personalities and the mainstream media monopolized every avenue of opportunity to get president-elect Barrack Obama elected and used every public outlet available. 

Freedom of speech is precious.  Paid for by the blood of hundreds of thousands of brave fighting men and women and a country of people who believe in truly democratic society, freedom is priceless.  Unfortunately freedom of speech has been compromised and severely curtailed due to lack of media coverage and unfair public commentary from over-zealous celebrity sound bites.  Paid for by influence peddlers.

Unfortunately, regardless of party, the elections are bought and paid for by the deepest pockets.  In the court of public opinion, there’s no judge presiding over the presidential campaigns.  Like the proceedings in a court of law; often the representation and the outcome are dictated by the best lawyers money can buy.  The lawyers for Obama are the mainstream media and the celebrity zealots stacked the deck.

Real people look up to people they have invited into their hearts and into their living rooms. The media outlets represent a modern-day, overwhelmingly effective form of communication and persuasion.  For this reason, as a person of influence, the mainstream media and celebrities should hold themselves to a higher standard, both in temperament and by example.  As people of influence and public figures, they’re responsible for their words and their actions in public. 

Political satirists, those who profess to share their views in such a fashion; who advertise their contentious nature have a legitimate venue.  If you are just a celebrity, movie star, looking for media coverage and sound bites to further your personal agenda; if you, the artist, are entertaining an audience that has bought and paid for your performance, whether it be comedy, drama or music and you stand in front of your captive audience and you choose to publicly spew hate and profanity against a sitting President, among other things; or make tasteless jokes designed to demean and ridicule; you are flat-out wrong.  If you choose to make headlines by visiting dictators, you are flat-out wrong.  If you take out full-page ads in newspapers to get your point across, who are you really?  If you’re so dedicated and committed to politics run for office, like Arnold. 

The Real McCoy’s influence, albeit miniscule by comparison to your celebrity and your media influence, would never so unabashedly endorse a candidate.  You did.  You endorsed Barrack Obama and bashed the sitting President in the face of our enemies.  That is just wrong.

You undermined the campaign of John McCain, a true hero, a patriot and a man, honest and with integrity. 

Unlike you, the Real McCoy’s are held accountable for exerting influence over people with whom they have influence.   Instead, you have abused that privilege.  In our minds, that leaves you suspect.  Every statement, every news or entertainment story, every essay and every sentence you spew for public consumption will be viewed with renewed skepticism. 

An elitist attitude is pervasive and a common denominator among the celebrities and mainstream media.  As an elitist, you need to understand who you are:

e·lit·ism or é·lit·ism

The belief that certain persons or members of certain classes or groups deserve favored treatment by virtue of their perceived superiority, as in intellect, social status, or financial resources.

  1. The sense of entitlement enjoyed by such a group or class.
  2. Control, rule, or domination by such a group or class.

Apparently, you don’t believe Real people can make their own decisions.  This is apparent with your public and persistent opposition to a war in Iraq, but it’s OK to die in Afghanistan.  The War on Terrorism is OK as long as it is waged anywhere else, including American soil.  Let’s listen closely to the ACLU, let’s close Guantanamo Bay, even though the number of prisoners is down from 600 plus to 200.  Let’s move them to LA.  Let’s support women’s rights for abortion without regard of circumstance.  And ultimately there’s your idyllic endorsement of Barack Obama.  Real people need unbiased, clear, concise information, void of prejudice and adulation in order to make a decision. 

There’s an expression, “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me”.  Shame on you!   We have already heard the Washington Post admit their prejudice towards Obama.  We are already hearing all the back-peddling from the mainstream media and pundits with regard to their mind-numbing, fervent endorsement of Obama.

The Real McCoy’s have a new vision for you.   Every time we look at you on screen, you will be out of character

Now, we will look at you for Real.  You will now be held accountable first for your actions off-stage and subsequently, we will have a Real problem believing in your character.   

Now, the Real McCoy’s have news for you.  Real people can also become a people of influence.  We’re for change, too! We control the remote. 

Stay tuned,

The Real McCoy

p.s. There are plenty of oppressed societies out there that need your incredible insight.  Like China.  Maybe you should pack your suitcase? 

[1] Obama’s 95% Elusion, Wall Street Journal, October 13th, 2008

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  1. Movie News says:

    Everyone has the right to choose and say what they want, and freedom of speech.


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